For companies with several hundreds or thousands of employees on their payroll, adapting to market change entails constantly reskilling its human resources to ensure they are the best fit for the company’s needs. The regulatory environment is perpetually shifting with regular postponements of pensionable age and the gradual exit of baby-boomers from the labor market. It is vital that companies forward plan their personnel training, recruitment and recruitment and career progress requirements to ensure they will have the right skills in house and that the key posts that often require a long internal path will continue to be occupied in the future. SWP addresses these issues.

Eurodecision has examined the issue of strategic workforce planning in both the private and public sectors to help establish a 2-to-3-year action plan with a 15-year vision. Eurodecision takes a quantitative approach to SWP based on optimization engines. They are geared to put figures to the results of forward workforce planning (number of new hires, employees to train, promotions to made year by year) from the company’s defined target requirements within a window of 5, 10, 15 or 20 years. Eurodecision supports the approach embarked on within the company and delivers quantified responses to questions asked by human resources managers.

Anticipating new hires and training needs

Simulating different hypotheses

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