“Ninety percent of the world’s data has been created in the last twenty-four months.” We live in a context of immediacy where data piles up, customer data volumes are swelling and becoming more complex as sources diversify. More than ever before the data trails that consumers leave online are picked up by many connected sensors on objects that equip our homes, cars and wrists needs to be managed and put to good use.

Companies wishing to analyze and add value to this data are left pondering many issues such as:

  • Controlling data quality (for duplication, completeness, sifting out outliers, etc.) and managing repositories (multi-source), which are prone to moving with data merges, tool changes in the Information System
  • Visualizing and representing data in a way that enables it to be interpreted, generating reports or input for BI dashboards
  • Projecting data by predictive analysis, and comparing them with actual results to enable decision making.
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