Eurodecision conducts business analytics-based project management assistance assignments. Our consultants will guide you, drawing on their business analytics skills and knowledge of your business issues, primarily supply chain, human resources scheduling and revenue management, etc.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of the aspects Eurodecision’s past assignments have dealt with:

  • needs analysis and definition of specifications for setting up an optimization tool
  • specification writing
  • approving specifications drawn up by the project owner
  • interfacing various teams – users (business team), IS development project team, computation engine development project team
  • writing the acceptance plan and implementing the acceptance phase
  • production launch preparation and guidance
  • user guidance and training, getting started with the tool
  • project management, coordination of optimization-related projects
  • optimization technique feasibility analysis
  • analysis of the various decision-support techniques

Additionally, Eurodecision produces demonstrators or mock-ups that it uses to validate the usefulness of an optimization tool (POC – “Proof Of Concept”), for notwithstanding computing the many optimization methods, the technical feasibility of solving a problem may be uncertain and call for checking this technical feasibility at the front end on a restricted yet representative section of the overall scope.

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