For more than 30 years, Eurodecision has built up expertise in the area of logistics optimization by using decisional mathematics that considers the complexity of the supply chain from the supplier to the end customer in its entirety.

Logistics and the supply chain have tended to be considered as business activity support functions. Now this vision is changing and it is dawning on senior management that the supply chain is crucial for company competitiveness. This is because when the supply chain is optimized and scheduled, product quality and delivery lead times are improved while costs are minimized …all of which are customer expectations in many existing and future markets.

Thus any company wishing to achieve operational excellence must make optimizing the supply chain a prime goal. Companies need to make the best use of their industrial and logistics resources, improve and streamline flows within the supply chain to reduce stocks and at the same time improve their responsiveness and shorten delivery times.

In addition to providing available generic or bespoke tools, Eurodecision uses its optimization tools to conduct consulting assignments.

With the several optimization modules in its platform, Eurodecision addresses all decision-support cycles (strategic, tactical and operational) and, on the basis of past many missions, our business analytics experts have the hindsight required to gage the level(s) of each project. When optimizing the supply chain, we primarily work on the following issues:

logistics network design
procurement & sourcing optimization
inventory optimization
transportation planning & optimization
sales forecasting

We also work on human resource sizing and planning, picking optimization, production scheduling, fleet optimization and pricing assignments.

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