In recent years the distribution sector has witnessed drastic changes. As a result the various players have no option but to optimize their key activities – the supply chain, human resources, manufacturing and pricing – to ensure they remain profitable and can continue to expand, particularly in the emerging countries.

With the arrival of generic and cut price products on the shelves the number of product references has proliferated while the growth in the demand for organic products has complicated the logistics networks of the various players with a knock-on effect on production scheduling, forecasts, stocks and transport.

Recently new distribution channels have started to take hold, in particular drive-ins that reduce hypermarket performance. This new channel requires optimized human resources and stock management to meet the order preparation deadlines promised to consumers.

The non-food goods distributors’ world has been upset by e-tailing, as it obliges them to optimize their catalog pricing, minimize their operating costs to remain competitive and respond to price comparators scrutinized by consumers.
Lastly, mounting pressures on goods purchase costs (with volatile raw materials prices, wage inflation), distribution costs (inflation of rents and energy) force distributors to optimize and bring the whole value chain under control to minimize costs in this sector where margins are being whittled down all the time.

Eurodecision has conducted many consulting assignments and developed software solutions in the supply chain, human resources, manufacturing and product pricing businesses for the major retail distribution and food-processing players on the strength of its experience in distribution. Thus we can help you rise to the sector’s many challenges with our particular approach based on business analytics and optimization.

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