Who are we?

N°1 français de l'optimisation des ressources
60 mathématiciens avec une double expertise métier et optimisation sous contraintes
Plus de 700 projets réalisés
Des clients dans 25 pays
Des clients de 50 à 250000 employés
6M€ de chiffre d'affaires en 2013
Création d'Eurodécision en 1987
10% du revenu réinvesti en R&D chaque année
Discover our business

Our mission

Build quantitative models to analyze and manage complex situations to help you:

  • understand
  • weigh up the issues
  • arbitrate
  • plan
  • make the most effective choices

Business expertise

to solve core business issues in the following areas:

  • human resources scheduling
  • supply chain optimization
  • production optimization
  • pricing & revenue management
  • data analytics
  • multidisciplinary optimization

Business software platforms

to optimize your resources and help you take the best strategic, tactical and operational decisions.

Operational research & business analytics know-how in:

  • quantitative consulting
  • producing optimization tools
  • optimization expertise
  • project management assistance
  • training

Consultants who apply an Agile approach facilitate:

  • rapid visibility on the potential results
  • refocussing if necessary
  • while avoiding tunnel vision that plagues many projects

A team with a passion for optimization and connected to a network of:

  • partners
  • experts
  • learned societies

An innovative SME

that has put R&D at the heart of its strategy and is a member of several business clusters

Our Values
Charte des valeurs
Human Resources Manager

Céline Verlhac joined Eurodecision in 2000, and has taken part in many optimisation projects as an optimisation consultant for various clients, including : Air France, Air Liquide, EDF, Eurocontrol, RATP, Renault, SNCF, TotalGaz.  In 2006, she became Eurodecision recruitment manager, and human resources manager in 2009. Graduate of Pierre and Marie Curie University in Paris, she has a masters degree in optimisation (1999).

Business Manager

“My job requires deep listening and communications skills a lot in order to offer our clients the best proposal tailored to to their needs.”

Chief Executive Officer

Co-founder of Eurodecision, Denis Montaut is the company’s Chief Executive Officer. A recognised expert in his field, he directs the development of the company’s entire range of software components for business. Denis was previously a research engineer in the pharmaceutical industry.

He has authored several publications on resource optimisation and continues to teach operational research at the Essec business school in Paris, Ecole Centrale de Paris and the ENSAI.

Denis graduated from Essec and has a PhD in applied mathematics from Paris Dauphine University.

AI Engineer

“I am never bored! In the course the same week, I work for several customers on very different subjects.”

Engineer, AIOps specialist

“The management team encourages us to take initiatives and gives us flexibility to carry on our projects.”

Aurélien QUESTEL

Early, 2019, Aurélien was appointed CTO to help implement tools and processes in order to enhance Eurodecision productivity as well as the proucts quality.

Ronan BARS
Managing Director

Before joining Eurodecision in 1998, Ronan Bars founded RBA, a marketing and sales consultancy focused particularly on high-technology start-ups. RBA’s main clients in France were AcknoSoft, Cosytec, Némésia, Softeam, Euroclid, C2 production, and Eurodecision. Ronan is also the co-founder of G2i – an IT consulting and systems integration company with 80 engineers specialised in telecommunications and real-time computing – where he was Marketing and Sales Director from 1988 to 1993. He holds an Engineering degree from Insa Rennes and has taken part in the Challenge + programme at the HEC business school.

Engineer, Public transports specialist

“What motivates me is the fact that we are solving tangible business issues.”

Engineer, Production planning specialist

“Over its 15 years, EURODECISION has always adapted to market needs yet its organization has kept its human-scale feel. I’m particularly committed to this company that I have seen expand and in whose environment I have grown.”

AI Engineer

“The diversity and complexity of subjects match my taste for tangible and industrial issues.”

Associate Manager

Eric Jacquet-Lagrèze founded Eurodecision IN 1987, and managed the company as Chief Executive Officer from 2000 to 2009. An expert in operational research, he has led numerous optimisation projects. Eric was previously a Professor and Researcher at Paris Dauphine University. He has published numerous articles and books both on linear programming and on multi-criteria decision-making methods. A graduate of the Paris Ecole Centrale with a degree in engineering, he also has earned doctorate degrees in applied mathematics and management sciences.

Supply Chain Manager

“In a short space of time I have worked on a dozen missions and built up great experience. It’s not what you’d call a humdrum occupation for we handle a variety of topics, in many different lines of business and with contact partners who are poles apart.”

Engineer, Quantum IT specialist

“Customers who call on us look for our expertise in optimization algorithms and complex business issues. During these long term assignments we work in close collaboration with the customer’s team.”

HR Scheduling Manager

“Now, I manage a team of 7 people. It is a managing role which means organizing individual and team meetings regarding projects follow-ups, discuss customers business issues, share experiences, but also more informal “Department lunches”.”

Engineer, Public transports specialist

We work in very various business sectors, even if public transportation is our long-time field of application. Each customers is specific, and we have to show strong business comprehension skills to answer their requests.

Innovation Manager

Gérald PETITJEAN is Director of Innovation and expert in Artificial Intelligence. An ISIMA engineer, he has been implementing business analytics, artificial intelligence and operational research techniques for more than 20 years to solve problems of data analysis, optimization, planning, product design optimization and process control. He has worked on numerous projects in the fields of industry (automotive, aeronautics), public transports and rail transport. He was a member of the board of AFIA (French Association for Artificial Intelligence) from 2005 to 2012, and taught at the Ecole Centrale Paris and at EPITA (lessons and tutorials on optimization , evolutionary algorithms, ant colonies, particle swarms, neural networks, reinforcement learning).

Marketing Manager

Passionate about business analytics, Catherine likes to think about complex issues that are firmly rooted in the real world, and to discover and understand the other people’s jobs. She began her professional career on the technical side by working on optimization projects, particularly in production planning. She then joined the Eurodecision sales team, attracted by the diversity of the subjects to be dealt with, and seduced by the company’s ethics. Convinced by the potential of this extraordinary SME, in 2011 she chose to get involveds in the development of marketing and communications, trying to bring a touch of fun to the very serious world of mathematics.

Customer Data Analytics Manager

“Companies gather more and more data, in particular about their customers. Our role is to guide them to interpretate this data, understand what is at stake and help decision-making.”

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