The services sector has enjoyed almost constant growth since the Seventies, and by 2018 accounted for some 35% of jobs in France.

The services sector has myriad and very varied fields of application such as mail delivery, school transport, funding skills training, medical product design, vehicle breakdown recovery, advertising, etc. What they have in common is that they operate in a complex environment to which they have to adapt, with more often than not limited resources, to meet growing economic and environmental constraints.

Whether it be with a view to finding solutions to difficult issues or improving existing solutions (for instance to reduce economic and environmental costs), the players (big corporations, SMEs, start-ups) are increasingly turning to algorithms and decisional mathematics.

EURODECISION helps its clients – major and small, public- and private-sector, innovative and traditional firms, to deal with these issues by devising dedicated algorithm engines, and offering training in AI, modeling, and descriptive and forecasting data analysis support.

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