Eurodecision’s decision support solution offer is built around vertical applications that are based on a common core that implements data analytics and operations research technologies on a set of application optimization components, and also graphic components and web technologies for simpler, less intrusive deployment on our customers’ systems…


Vertical offers

Our experience in decision support solution deployment has prompted us to focus on specific business sectors and processes. The upshot is that we have a set of dedicated vertical offers that combine software platforms with expertise in the following areas:

  • HR scheduling in transportation
  • Supply chain design/planning
  • Revenue Management in tourism and transportation

Application optimization components

Eurodecision’s R&D and Innovation team continues to develop and enhance a range of optimization components to represent the data describing the context (business objects), and translating the representation into mathematical models and algorithms to resolve the problems.

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These components often make use of basic technical components called solvers, primarily when the resolution method is based on mathematical programming. There are several competitive solver offers on the market that we use interchangeably. We feel it is important to remain independent from the basic solver used (so that we can propose the most apt solver for a given project). That is why we have developed middleware – the LP-Colgen/LP-Toolkit framework, modeling and development environment for mathematical programming-based applications – to enable the software components interface with these solvers.

Thus a typical Eurodecision solution will tend to rely on one or more application optimization components that incorporate standard modeling layers and one or more solvers. Each component in the LP range has been developed through our R&D program which is part of the medium-term strategy for Eurodecision’s future business.

Technical architecture

All our software components – be they standard or custom are developed in C++ to ensure optimum performance levels and portability.
These software components come as dynamic libraries, that can be integrated into a wide range of system architectures and particularly web architectures that ensure more seamless deployment, and enable the solutions to be cloud hosted if needed.

Uses are changing

Users are accustomed to handling applications that can be accessed anywhere, are easy to deploy and whose maintenance is provided by the supplier with regular updates.
These new practices (Cloud Computing, SaaS morel – Software As A Service) have persuaded us that we should be delivering high value-added decision-support tools for our clients’ applications while outsourcing tool administration and maintenance and even data hosting. Our tools benefit from as yet unmatched computing performance levels when hosted in secure environments offering high service quality (SLA).
SaaS mode is also the right response to users’ growing mobility requirements, with the expansion of teleworking and the breakup of structures that entail having to communicate and work together from remote sites.