The task of goods and services production planning is becoming harder and harder to optimize. Nowadays, customers insist on a multitude of quality, flexibility, availability and product availability lead time requirements. Product diversity is increasing while demand is prone to wild fluctuations. Investments can be burdensome and call for justification, as every material resource must be fully harnessed until its maximum potential is achieved.

Eurodecision deploys its business analytics expertise when working towards production optimization on strategic, tactical and operational levels to deal with the following issues:

  • Requirements forecasting for sizing production
  • Investment optimization : choosing and sequencing which investments to make to improve production plant or equipment base sizing
  • Equipment maintenance and lifecycle optimization – resources management making allowance for maintenance visit constraints, timely equipment renewal (ageing machine base, fleet optimization), planning maintenance tasks
  • Production resources optimization – distributing production over a number of facilities (primarily inter-operator), erasing, smoothing, detecting and solving conflicts…
  • Production planning optimization – allocating production tasks to material resources, scheduling, optimal use of resources, energy contract optimization
  • Manufacturing process optimization – formulation or diversification optimization
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