Eurodecision’s “Research, Development and Innovation” team is responsible for driving and managing our company’s innovation effort, and acts as a catalyst in the different units to elicit projects that will be our future offers.

Most of Eurodecision’s R&D effort (which accounts for about 10% of the overall production effort) aims to develop and consolidate the company’s assets and comprises:

  • a technological platform that supports the implementation of approaches such as Mathematical Programming, BRMS, forecasting techniques/methods and data analysis
  • a set of vertical business offers based on this platform, primarily in the areas of transportation, energy, tourism, retail chains, industry and in resource planning, process performance optimization and revenue management

This effort now takes three forms:

  • allocation of a self-financed annual budget to work on road-mapping our platform and offers
  • contributing to Eurodecision on our customers’ projects where we detect new emerging demands
  • taking part in targeted joint projects in relation to our capitalization and development strategy (Eurodecision is a member of the Advancity and Systematic business clusters)

The projects are carried out in our RDI department, but depending on requirements, may call on the skills of Eurodecision’s other units to provide their business and market input, and their solution development know-how. Every year, one or two projects are selected and financed as part of an internal tender for innovative ideas that complements the RDI activity flow.

Our effort is currently focused on four development themes:

  • Decision-making in an uncertain context – many planning decisions are taken in a context of uncertainty over current and future data. We aim to build dynamic, repairable solutions, minimizing any disappointment, in industrial contexts that tend to be complex. Operational research contributes technical solution and methodology elements that are emerging from the laboratories but are of limited release;
  • Enriching tools with decision-making and forecasting elements, in order to “make the data come alive” ahead of the optimization models. We are working on facilitating the entry of BI and Big Data technologies into our universe of offers;
  • Addressing new growth markets: green technologies, sustainable development, health and tourism;
  • Delivering software differently, at lower cost by using web and SaaS architectures.

Our sources of inspiration come from the ecosystem in which Eurodecision operates today – start-ups (in which Eurodecision may be a stakeholder), major industrial groups, university research laboratory partners (X, ECP, EMN, PRISM…) and learned societies (ROADEF, SMAI, AFIA, EURO).

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Eurodecision is a founding member of ROADEF, the French Operational Research and Decision Support Society

France’s research tax credit (CIR) is tax aid set aside for supporting the R&D efforts of innovative enterprises and boosting their competitiveness. Eurodecision’s innovation activities benefit from this measure. Our company also has CIR accreditation which makes our services eligible for the research tax credit.

Find out about a project conducted by Eurodecision’s RDI team

Improving our technology platform, progress on the LP-TaskPlanner component, an industrial, generic and flexible column generation framework by resolving a constrained shortest path.

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Joint R&D

EURODECISION has taken part in many joint R&D projects on different business topics – manufacturing, human resources, supply chain and multidisciplinary optimization.