The transportation, hotel and leisure industries have gone through sea changes in purchasing and booking behavior:

  • widespread use of Internet and the proliferation of distribution channels
  • the last-minute mindset that has disrupted traditional booking schedules
  • the entry of new market actors into the distribution circuit, who demand what can amount to significant sales commissions for passing on substantial business
  • increasingly bespoke services that complicate the offer and thus increase the number of pricing categories
  • in some instances, competition from low-cost operators erodes margins and emphasizes the need to optimize asset performance

These changes are some of the formidable challenges that Pricing and Revenue Management (Yield Management) divisions have to address in their work of maximizing earnings by standardizing pricing category management and controlling capacity.

Eurodecision works alongside price setters and revenue managers to help them in their decision-making from the highly quantitative feasibility study stage through to rolling out “home-grown” or proprietary solutions that are integrated into the enterprise information systems.

Our consultants can take quantitative analyses and transform them into impact-making decisions based on our own Business Analytics platform (forecasts, optimization, and rules-based decisions). They use this to guide our customers in their pricing policies. We fight against the black box effect by training and accompanying the analysts, providing them with customized dashboards, so that their reality is raised to root and branch decision-making.

At the beginning of a projetc, we can perform an audit which covers all the factors that come into play when setting the company’s prices:

  • data management: quality, exhaustiveness, sources, freshness
  • the rates mix examined by season, site, accommodation type, sales channel
  • the trade-offs… length of stay, group rates, tour operator quotas, yield
  • the load factor and dynamic pricing policy found
  • how the pricing and revenue management process is organized – the roles, profiles, decision-making trigger times, commitments, incentives
  • the available tools – Business Intelligence, Dashboards, Forecast, Yield, Quotations
  • relations with other company divisions – the ISD, FAD, Sales, Operations.

Our teams are primarily called to work on:

  • demand forecasting
  • pricing & revenue management (yield management)
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