The global demand for energy is constantly rising, driven by the momentum of the emerging countries. However, this demand is becoming harder to fill because resources are being sapped and is under pressure from current environmental requirements.

Europe’s safety constraints for hazardous goods transport have a taken heavy toll on gas & oil distributors who find themselves having to optimize their transport plans and segmentation to stop delivery costs from skyrocketing. Likewise storage sites, filling centers and refineries are forced to satisfy safety and quality constraints, while opening new sites has become a minefield strewn with long-winded administrative hurdles. Now the sector’s competitors have to forge alliances by entering into exchange contracts to optimize demand networking. They must also rationalize their infrastructure numbers to minimize overheads or enter into joint ventures in strategic sites. Finally, the growth of the emerging countries is affecting Europe’s supplies, so within this geographical perimeter, oil and gas companies must optimize their sourcing to keep their customers from abandoning them for a better prepared competitor.

The market in the emerging countries has yet to reach maturity, so these nations together with the oil majors working in those continents need to invest in depots, transport facilities (pipelines, road & rail networks), refineries and harbors to meet the burgeoning demand and reduce harbor congestion, refining capacity, storage and delivery bottlenecks.

Eurodecision, with its strong track record in the Oil & Gas sector, has conducted many consulting assignments and implemented software optimization solutions for the oil and gas majors. Our work in this field has helped optimize our customers’ activities in the European and the emerging countries’ markets in the areas of supply chain (network design, delivery rounds, etc.) or production (refinery processes). Thus we can help you overcome the many obstacles in your sector with our specific approach based on business analytics and optimization.

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