EURODECISION uses artificial intelligence and decisional mathematics to support healthcare players seeking to meet future challenges, such as risks of pandemics and pathologies associated with population aging, lifestyles, food and pollution.

Establishments are running up against staff shortages, as working conditions deteriorate sapped by the global hospital crisis that affects the healthcare sector at large. Yet, one of the keys to building caregiver loyalty and encouraging recruitment is to offer quality rosters that match medical teams’ aspirations. So, it is vital that the human resources scheduling tools factor in organizations’ specific features and produce equitable schedules that take regulatory and labor constraints on board.

What is more, new uses emerge with technology developments, for example via connected objects that require new data to be processed and analyzed.

Lastly, the French system’s dependency on foreign pharmaceutical production was flagged up by the current pandemic, raising the possibility of the drug manufacturing industry’s partial relocation.

Decisional mathematics can be highly useful in dealing with these issues. EURODECISION’s artificial intelligence experts draw on their technical and strong customer business comprehension skills to support healthcare players as they rise to today’s and future challenges. EURODECISION implements solutions by developing algorithms that facilitate decision making. Forecasting, planning and controlling complex processes are managed and give the decision makers better tools with which to direct their activities.

Optimization, artificial intelligence and data science technologies are particularly apt at solving issues such as:

  • help with diagnoses and consultations
  • designing new protocols, equipment and drugs
  • resource planning in hospitals, healthcare and medical-social centers
  • production and supply chain optimization for the medical and pharmaceutical industries.
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