While very closely linked to the company’s organizational set-up, sizing the workforce entails finding the optimum workforce characterized by contract types and terms, skills and even vacation timing, to cover a given workload.

It is vital for companies with high labor force costs to learn how to assign the right number of employees to carry out a crucial activity. Yet this assessment can prove complex when there are sharp variations in activity during the day, when the work comprises different tasks that may require traveling or when the labor force is made up of groups with different skills and working times.

On the strength of their human resources scheduling experience in a variety of activity sectors, the Eurodecision use mathematical models to simulate different organizational variants. Through the combination of this know-how and their excellent ability to understand your business, they will be able to guide you in sizing the workforce and recommend the most apt solution for your needs.

A multi-criteria approach – economics, service quality, industrial relations

Simulating different hypotheses

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