Human resource scheduling is a long chain of decisions encompassing the most strategic choices for the company (working time organization, recruitment policy, training policy and so on) to more local decisions (assigning a specific task to an employee, replacing an absentee, etc.). The economic risks are the highest at the first phase of this process.

Human resource scheduling management a year in advance is a delicate exercise. The hindsight needed to carry out this work must not mask operational constraints or the local impact of the decisions taken. The choices made when budget scheduling must be solidly underpinned because they commit the company to a long timescale and sometime call for complex bargaining with its social partners.

Eurodecision can make recommendations on subjects such as:

  • annualizing working time
  • whether or not to resort overtime
  • resorting to temporary resources (casual labor or fixed-term contracts)
  • choosing between multiskilling or specialization in teams
  • positioning paid vacations, etc.

Directing the payroll

Simulating different organizations

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