Secteur : Distribution

Expertise métier : Data & Customer Analytics

  • to improve sales
  • to increase customer loyalty
  • to understand the impact of direct marketing campaigns and revise them if necessary
  • to conduct sales analyses and challenge the network
  • creation of a data model
  • implementation of a weekly data gathering and processing procedure via the Eurodecision QRUSH platform
  • production of KPIs, available via the QRUSH platform
  • refined sales analysis
  • optimization of customer-centered sales and marketing initiatives
  • fewer offers, better targeting
  • revitalization of the network

« We can now rely on intelligent, optimized customer relations management to develop best practices in our network thanks to our Data Lab. »..

«Every week, we know which items sold best, which offers worked most effectively and can compare regions or restaurants. Now all our data is centralized on a single platform, which fits our analysis needs and saves significant amount of time. ».





Olivier HINTONChief Operations Officer Food Brands - FL FINANCE

The holding company FL Finance is the franchise holder of la Boîte à pizza, the gourmet pizza leader in France, and Mythic Burger, that has a flame-broiled burgers sales network operating on the same principle. It has about 115 points of sale across France. As 80% of its sales are made through couponing*, the company sought to optimize knowledge of its customers to improve their experience and with it increase their loyalty.

Accordingly, FL Finance wanted to centralize access to all of its network’s sales data to analyse the cashier data automatically. In doing so it hoped to increase sales and profits through quantified customer relations and gain better understanding of how its offers and marketing campaigns affect sales and refocus its actions if required.

Thus the company sought a partner capable of providing it with analysis, forecasting and decision-making elements. After examining a number of unsatisfactory bids, FL Finance took up the recommendation of one of its partners and called on Eurodecision a year ago. Eurodecision offered to guide FL Finance on setting up its Business Analytics Clients-centered Data Lab, based on the use of till receipt data.

Eurodecision conducted an initial feasibility study, then embarked on gathering the weekly cash register data from the network’s various points of sale through a dedicated provider. It worked closely with FL Finance on determining the nature of data to be analysed and the desired indicators.

The gathered data includes valuable details: list of products purchased, prices, couponing offer applied and customer involved, etc. The data was processed, filtered and archived on the Eurodecision QRUSH platform, which is entirely secured, available in SaaS mode and accessible 24/7.

Since early 2017, the data models devised by Eurodecision enable FL Finance to obtain three well-defined types of views and analyses:

  • the “customer” view – type of purchase, purchasing frequency and customer classification on the basis of these criteria. FL Finance uses this first analysis to optimize its CRM (Customer Relationship Management),
  • the “offer” view – by analysing the promotional offers, their impact can be measured and subsequently the franchisees are given recommendations on the best practices to adopt,
  • the “product” view – sales classification, distribution, etc. The “product” view enables the different products and their sales volumes to be analysed.

FL Finance intends to refine its offers and set up targeted loyalty-generating and customer awareness actions for the first quarter of 2017 on the basis of these analyses. Given this initial project’s level of success, the holding company now intends to extend the solution to two other group brands, Lucien & la Cocotte and La Royale. The next project stages will be to incorporate the additional data (point of sale weather forecasts, local events, etc.) and develop predictive analysis, primarily with a view to optimizing its franchisees’ stock management and taking its pricing policy to the next stage…


*loyalty generating and sales promotion technique based on using discount or partial paper or virtual redemption.