The transportation plan specifies how goods and merchandise are conveyed from point A to point B, using the company’s available human and material resources.

Eurodecision proposes to optimize your transportation plan by utilizing your resources in the best possible way to fulfil the following criteria:

  • economic – by reducing the distance traveled and optimizing fill rates
  • environmental – reducing CO2 emissions 
  • commercial – optimizing the transit-time map to stand out from the competition
  • quality – checking that your goods are compliant by minimizing load-splitting 

Eurodecision contributes to optimizing your transportation plan at different supply chain levels on the basis of its specific business know-how and expertise by:

  • optimizing the procurement plan
  • optimizing the distribution plan
  • organizing transportation between factories/depots 
  • optimizing the express package transportation plan

Reducing transportation costs

Saving the planner’s time

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