Managing a company’s wage bill in changing circumstances can take up a lot of energy. Regardless of whether the changes are internally dictated (reorganization, cost reductions, etc.) or are due to structural changes in the activity (changes to seasonal patterns, rise or fall in customer demand, etc.), it is always a delicate task because of the very real implications for the company’s employees. Furthermore the decision makers have to work with complex levers (setting up or adjusting working time annualization, hiring permanent or temporary resources, personnel training, resorting to overtime or casual workers, managing employees’ vacations, etc.). In this given context, it would appear essential to be able to use a tool that can model different organizational structures and deliver figures-based answers to the issues being faced by the decision maker.

The challenges faced

LP-AnnualPlanner is a human resources simulation and optimization planning tool applied to a twelve-month span. Why simulation? Because it can test a number of human resources organization hypotheses. Why optimization? Because it produces the best possible solution for a given scenario (number of people to recruit, recommendations for vacation positioning, number of employees to undergo training, and so on). The human resources budget planning component calculates the wage bill cost for each simulation, which makes it an invaluable tool when negotiating with social partners.

Why choose our component?

  • Test various human resources organization hypotheses
  • Manage the company’s wage bill in a changing context
  • Size the company’s workforce as well as possible
  • Arbitrate between different types of contracts (permanent, fixed term and their length, temporary, etc.)
  • Calibrate working time modulation
  • Establish recommendations for vacation positioning
  • Arbitrate between employee versatility and specialization
  • Establish a recruitment plan (how many and when to hire)

Main features

  • Simultaneous management of several working contract variants
  • Making allowance for different types of temporary resources (fixed term, casual, etc.)
  • Making simultaneous allowance for several activities
  • Managing personnel versatility
  • Taking employees’ vacation preferences into account
  • Annualized working time management
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Senior management

Human resources division

Management controllers

The features of the LP-AnnualPlanner planning tool make it particularly suitable for conducting studies. The “Crew Manpower Planning at a Low Cost Airline” presentation of the joint study with our partner OpenAirlines earned the “Best Innovative Solution” award at the AGIFORS Crew conference (16–20 August 2010, Athens). It was chosen by a jury of 70 specialist industrialists including 17 representatives of different airlines representing all 5 continents. OpenAirlines and Eurodecision were invited to repeat their presentation on navigation personnel sizing at the 50th anniversary AGIFORS Symposium in Nice, 20–24 September 2010.