Several factors can come into play to complicate employee schedule building:

  • a single activity to plan:
    • that takes the form of variable and varied working times
    • that takes place partly at night and/or the weekend
    • calls for different skills
  • dozens of employees to schedule simultaneously,
  • employees that don’t all have the same skills sets
  • employees that may be versatile
  • individual demands or preferences to work into the schedule 
  • working time modulation in the organization
  • strong demand for fairness on the part of the employees
  • many planning constraints to be built into schedule building.

When several of the above factors come together, planners’ work can be particularly arduous if they are not aided by a schedule building engine such as the Eurodecision LP-ShiftPlanner component.

The challenges faced

The LP-ShiftPlanner component is a dedicated tool for automatic, optimized construction of individual schedules subject to constraints. It takes the employees’ characteristics, the working days to be planned (which may originate from a tool such as the LP-Shift or LP-EasyDriver components), individual preferences and constraints, and employee time-tracker data as input data. The LP-ShiftPlanner component then uses this data to build a schedule that incorporates all the constraints and aims to be the best match to the planners’ defined criteria lists. It updates all the time-s and provides indicators to analyze schedule quality.

Why choose our component?

  • building a schedule for dozens of employees takes just a few minutes
  • a wealth of planning constraint parameters are provided as standard
  • schedules take in all user-defined constraints
  • possibility of testing the introduction of new scheduling rules
  • the component can be integrated into a variety of environments, from Excel spreadsheets to the GTA suite or service ordering.

Main features

  • allowance made for individual employee preferences 
  • equity management… number of rest weekends, night work, types of activity performed, concessions to preferences, etc.
  • allowance made for modulating working time 
  • employee skills and versatility management
  • allowance made for employees’ personal constraints
  • provision of indicators to analyze schedule quality 
  • about a dozen different optimization criteria to adapt the schedule to the specifics of your organization
  • time-tracker updated for monitoring purposes
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