By building car services and drivers working days, LP-EasyDriver designs an optimized transportation offer dedicated to the public urban, interurban and suburban transportation sector (metro, bus, tramway and rail).

LP-EasyDriver provides planners of vehicle services and driver working days the ability to cover their transportation network’s commercial offer with a travelling time matrix (dead-heading) and working condition rules while:

  • minimizing the number of vehicles and kilometers travelled
  • minimizing the number of drivers
  • optimizing the configurable labor criteria (for example: minimizing the number of long-hour driver services, maximizing the number of direct services)

The challenges faced

LP-EasyDriver automates problem-solving for planners that would be complicated to do manually and does so in an optimum way. The problem’s complexity, which stems from the extent of the combinatorics, primarily relates to the fact that allowance has to be factored in for very many vehicle and driver constraints including:

  • constraints relating to the equipment used (e.g.: a bus with or without ticket checker)
  • labor regulations
  • each network’s customs and practices

Furthermore there are often considerable economic and social issues linked to optimizing the transportation offer.

Why choose our component?

  • generate productivity gains with equivalent labor rules
  • rapidly build many transportation offer scenarios 
  • implement modifications of an existing transportation network 
  • study the impact of new working agreements
  • be more efficient when submitting bids for tenders
  • frees the planner to focus on higher added value tasks
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Planners of medium or large public transportation networks (graphic displayers and transit schedulers) (minimum 20 drivers)

Main features

  • automatically calculates a comprehensive solution (vehicle services + driver working days)
  • supplies relevant indicators to assess each solution
  • exports the solution to Excel (built working day)
  • helps users refine the solution by enabling them to:
    • check all the configured rules on a manually modified solution
    • modify each parameter easily
    • automatically finish a partially user-determined solution
    • define very different specific constraints (e.g.: not more than 5 working days lasting more than 12 hrs.)