Flexible working is becoming the norm and this trend has a direct impact on staff schedule building. Companies adjust the way they are organized, opening hours, instigate night work, open during the weekend to provide the best match for their customers’ expectations. In return, the personnel expect more give-and-take from management in the form of requests for part-time or flexi-time, to take account of their own personal circumstances.

Building staff schedules is at the crossroads of these changes. Planners increasingly have to individualize schedules, manage variable working times, and build in allowance for modulating working time and trying to meet employees’ preferences while exercising fairness.

This work entails monitoring several counters that take time to update. Planners find themselves under significant pressure from both their line management and their personnel yet schedule building may be only one small task in their list of duties that mechanically reduces the time available to achieve good schedules. Nonetheless schedule building is paramount for the company in terms of economics, primarily by controlling overtime and in social terms by maintaining appropriate working conditions for task performance with motivated staff.

Eurodecision has capitalized on its experience through its human resources software platform that includes an optimization module dedicated to building individual schedules to support planners in their work. Our services (guidance, implementation of software solutions, etc.) are based on this module.

Lower absenteeism

Time-saving for the planners

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