EM Services (subsidiary of RATP and CCIP) and Eurodecision jointly develop software for optimizing commuting time.
The solution enables businesses and government agencies with multiple sites in the greater Paris region to optimize employee assignments to various sites in order to reduce employee travel time

This offer is commensurate with sustainable development and social concerns, as it:

  • reduces stress in the workplace
  • gives employees more free time by shortening their commute
  • encourages the shift from cars to public transport
  • reduces greenhouse gas and CO2 emissions
  • enables potential financial gain for both the enterprise (transportation subsidy) and employees (cheaper monthly passes, switch to public transport)

EM Services, a subsidiary of RATP and CCIP specialized in mobility consulting and designer of transport solutions, computes travel times for public transportation and cars between all the company’s sites and the homes of its employees. These calculations use RATP data and its calculation engine.
Eurodecision, a specialist in decision support and resource optimization solutions, provides a software tool using this data. We have developed an optimization engine that addresses this issue and can easily be adapted to our clients’ specific requirements.


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  • Optimize the assignment of a single company’s employees to different sites in the greater Paris region
  • Shorten employee travel time both globally and individually
  • Meet constraints such as the relevance of the position, seniority at a position, specific needs, etc.


  • Expert advice from EM Services
  • Calculation of multi-modal itineraries by RATP (the greater Paris public transit system)
  • The Eurodecision optimization engine


  • Improved employee quality of life
  • Reduced CO2 emissions
  • Enabled potential financial gain for both the enterprise (transportation subsidy) and its employees (cheaper monthly passes, less driving, switch to public transport)

Sample applications:

  • knowledge of current employee commute times (via public transport or private car)
  • monthly responses to employee mobility requests
  • job changes (e.g. take advantage of cascading changes)
  • leverage information on each employee’s transportation modes (public transport, car, pedestrian, bicycle, carpooling, etc..): annual analysis of changes to these parameters and travel time, both useful for calculating the carbon footprint.