Eurodecision was pleased to invite our customers to the Gurobi conference, organized in partnership with LIP6 :
« Gurobi — Then and Now »

We will begin with a short introduction to Gurobi Optimization, when and why the company was founded, its business model, and who uses Gurobi. The introduction will be followed by a description of some of the methodological innovations in Gurobi, including the use of “submips” as a fundamental paradigm, how the code is designed for parallelism from the ground up, and several additional examples of new ideas in the underlying mixed-integer programming algorithms. We will conclude with some benchmarks comparing Gurobi to other popular solvers.

14h00: introduction by Robert Bixby, GUROBI founder
15h00: Q&A
16h00: closing drink

Date and location:
May 3rd 2011 at LIP6 (4 place Jussieu 75005 Paris)

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