Eurodecision conducts Revenue Management performance audits in the course of its pricing and revenue management consulting business.

The purpose of these audits is to draw up an appraisal of the company’s pricing process and draw short-term recommendations and a longer term revenue management strategy roadmap from it. The most far-reaching audits reveal the opportunities (gains/costs/risks) presented by a revenue management IT project. Our suggestions are always based on scrutiny of the company’s bookings/rates/capacities data.

A good review will cover all the factors that come into play when setting the company’s prices:

  • data management: quality, exhaustiveness, sources, freshness
  • the rates mix examined by season, site, accommodation type, sales channel
  • the trade-offs… length of stay, group rates, tour operator quotas, yield
  • the load factor and dynamic pricing policy found
  • how the pricing and revenue management process is organized – the roles, profiles, decision-making trigger times, commitments, incentives
  • the available tools – Business Intelligence, Dashboards, Forecast, Yield, Quotations
  • relations with other company divisions – the ISD, FAD, Sales, Operations.
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Are your resources oversubscribed? Are your requirements too modest to warrant purchasing a dedicated tool? Eurodecision will carry out BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) assignments – your revenue management will be outsourced.